Environmental planning is work set on the development of a package of environmental documentation that incorporates further approval by supervisory authorities, this approval is required for conducting business activities on a legal basis.
In accordance with the Ecological Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, any enterprise having an adverse impact on the environment has no right to carry out its activities without a properly executed ecological project plan. Development and coordination of environmental documentation is a service offered by specialists of Minerals Operating, who cooperate with production enterprises and assist in the development of the project.

What does environmental planning include?

Inventory of air pollutant emissions, and the sources of these emissions.
Design of norms of maximum permissible emissions.
Development of passports of wastes of different hazard classes.
Creation of programs for optimal waste management.
Assessing the impact of the enterprise's activities on the environment.
When developing projects, Minerals Operating specialists consider the specifics of the enterprise, the scale and nature of its activities, the presence and volume of waste and wastewater. In the process of calculating the norms, we take into account the results of atmospheric air and soil analysis, which can be obtained through regular environmental monitoring. In addition, the specialists develop any types of ecological reporting documentation required and help calculate the cost of charges for the emission of harmful substances into the environment.
To take advantage of our services for the development of environmental projects for your company, call us and consult with our specialists. We will discuss the details and begin developing the documentation for the project work.
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